Whenever women from all walks of life have a seat at the table, the world is open to enormous possibilities!

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Wow, time does fly when you are passionate about your work and doing everything you can to change the lives of women for the better. We started  SHESPEAKS2ME.com on September 24, 2014. The goal was to tell the stories of women. As a television reporter, I realized that we seldom sought out women as experts in stories, and we certainly didn't see them doing something positive and being showcased nightly. And, women of color, forget about it.


So, I started a televison version of what I wanted to see, women; all women and the impact they were making on the world-front and center. Television was not enough though, so I started it online with  SHESPEAKS2ME.com   In four years we have written more than 40 stories on women from around the world.  We have raised issues like 'Slut Shaming' and 'Black Love'. We shot a docu-story on body shaming of plus size women and talked about what body image means to Latina women.


We covered that massive, massive women's march on Washington DC in 2017 and we created our own thunder with our annual women's summit. Both 2017 and 2018 were sell-outs. Our 2019 summit is titled SHE dreams BIG! And, yes we have big plans to help women here in the Albany,NY area launch their BIG DREAMS. So just watch out!


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How time in prison changed this woman's life for the better!  


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