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Actress Raven Symone set the internet on fire recently when she said she did not want to be labeled gay or identified as an African American. Many African Americans thought she was denying her blackness.    




By now you have probably heard about the much criticized article by New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley  reviewing the new ABC drama  'HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER '. It was produced by powerhouse producer-creator Shonda Rhimes, who is behind Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Along with offending Rhimes by suggesting she was an angry black woman, Stanley perpetuated the much held racist notion that darker skinned African American women aren't as beautiful as fairer skinned African American women.

Hands up, Don't shoot!

Sybrina Fulton, Lesley McSpadden,  Kadiatou Diallo and Valerie Bell-their names may not be well known but the names of their children-their sons- are.  No, those sons are not professional athletes or movie stars or musicians. They are dead-black men -Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, and Sean Bell--killed by police officers. 

Not enough money!

You know something is wrong when a child is wearing no socks during the dead of winter and eating milk and cookies like it's meatloaf and mashed potatoes. But that's the scene I repeatedly witnessed when I ran an afterschool reading program in Albany, NY...continue reading at www.efriendssite.wordpress.com

We can't forget the kidnapped GIRLS in Nigeria.

Bring Back Our Girls!

300 girls KIDNAPPED-It has been months since hundreds of girls were kidnapped by a militant group in Nigeria-and as other news takes center stage-its easy to forget them but let's not forget...continue reading at www.efriendssite.wordpress.com  


       They Speak to YOU

From FASHION to FOOD TO DINING our CONTRIBUTORS are in the know and will share it all with you!

Hanging out with food contributor Hariett Webster at the HERLIFE Mag. party


Listening to women who stutter

They stutter-deal with it!
Pam Mertz and I after filming the documentary SHE'S BLOC...KING. She's one of 5 women profiled in the film.

Our NEWEST  Documentary on women who stutter is complete-check out a tease from the film BELOW under E-films.

They are a minority in a minority-women who stutter.   Check out the trailer for my latest docu-story- SHE'S BLOC...KING.

 "TOUCH A WOMAN-TOUCH A ROCK' a docu-story on the treatment of women in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. They are raped and enslaved by soldiers by the thousands. 50 women in a hospital in Congo sent me letters about what happened to them. Listen and then write the Secretary of State and urge him to put the pressure on world leaders to stop the war in Congo.


        Elaine       Highlights NEW    Authors                     

NBC anchor, ELAINE HOUSTON at a book signing for her first book, THE FRIENDSHIPS BETWEEN WOMEN       IS THERE A BOOK IN YOU?

Her 'first' book is in its second printing. It's the best selling inspirational read THE FRIENDSHIPS BETWEEN WOMEN.    Stories of women who've struggled with challenges ranging from breast cancer, to being locked up in prison. They made it over to the other side thanks to the help of a girlfriend!  But, now Elaine is working on her 2nd book, name dropping, jaw dropping, fun filled romance.  It's coming out in MARCH 2015.  To order the book, just go to My Products to view all my available items.

Elaine has turned her poignant book of letters, The Friendships Between Women into a Elaine's CD “book on tape.”

Hear the voices of the women, who have shared their poignant stories on the value of friendship, in their own words. Listen to the story of a woman, whose friend helped her find a new life in the U.S. after she survived the war in Rwanda.

Elaine knows the excitement of seeing your name on a book as the author and the prospect of having others read what has poured out of your heart. So she's introducing books by new authors. We start off with Theresa Surgick's new book, INTRUSION. CHECK IT OUT!

Theresa Odum-Surgick's NEW book 'INTRUSION'



Elaine Houston/Anchor Reporter WNYT-Albany

Elaine is an award winning anchor at the NBC affiliate in Albany, NY.   She is the 5:30 anchor on WNYT-TV and covers stories on women with her weekly series "TODAY'S WOMEN. She has received honors from Jerry Jennings, the former mayor of Albany and community service awards from New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo and former governor, George Pataki. The College of St. Rose bestowed its highest honor on Elaine, an honorary Doctor's degree for her committment to the community.  However Elaine's passion is celebrating the accomplishments of other women, raising awareness on issues impacting women and creating positive narratives about women and girls.  CHECK OUT some of those stories BELOW and on www.wnyt.com with Elaine's TODAY's WOMEN REPORT.  



Jewelry for the Independent-Minded Woman who knows her own Style, Wants to be recognized for Great Taste and Start Conversation







Welcome our "NEW' Contributor Anthony Mills- He will help you get Fit & Fabulous!



Women are changing the world. We are activists, scientists, teachers and preachers. We are changing our communities, the status quo and the old way of doing things. We're not a part of the club or the clicke, We are here to blow people's minds. 

OPINIONS-everybody has one-check out mine @ www.efriendssite.wordpress.com or just click on my blog on the homepage.


Our Hair Stylist Contributor Kerry-Ann Wilson Ashley

Hair stylist-Kerry-Ann shows us how it's done!   Check out more-go to The Contributors page! 

We are women...

We are building schools and saving the environment. We are ilustrators, filmakers, and bold new fashion designers. We are BROADWAY  bound.


We are change agents and peacemakers. We birth a nation, We are collaborators, and stakeholders in the BIG picture. We are not average-We are women and We have a story to tell. Check out their stories on the SHEspeaks2me page!

We aren't average!

Food Contributor Harriet Webster (left)

Harriet serves up food for the soul-check out her creations-and recipes yum yum!  Go to The CONTRIBUTORS page!

Elaine's next move!  Check out what she's doing. click on ABOUT ELAINE!

Who's the COVERGIRL?



Wow, is that me!  That was my first reaction to seeing myself on the cover of HerLife magazine. I love what Angela Beddoe of HERLIFE MAG. and her Glam Squad do for women. Just proves there are so many women doing great things out there that there is a need for a magazine like her's or a website and films like the ones I produce.  Also Check out my story on her on my Today's Women series on television on Albany's NBC affiliate WNYT-TV. www.wnyt.com  Contact me at ehouston@wnyt.com


Who's on the BIG screen!!!!!



I had mixed feelings seeing myself up close on the BIG screen in the movie ''PLACE BEYOND THE PINES" in 2013. It was great and sort of frightening at the same time.  Sorry ladies I did not get to meet Bradley Cooper-my part was shot right in the television studio. Still-it was a delightful first time experience!

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 Elaine's "first" chopper ride!

I really had to fight my fears for this ride. All the way to this television shoot I was telling myself there is no way that I am getting in a helicopter! Everything I ever heard about them is that they were dangerous-but my photographer wasn't the least bit afraid and so I couldn't stay on the ground. Heather-the nerves of steel pilot also helped. So I did it! Check out Heather's story on television in my series on women, "TODAY'S WOMEN" www.wnyt.com

And, don't let fear STOP you from your "first" whatever!




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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