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By Elaine Houston



When most of us think of dolls, we imagine a little girl walking down the street with

her parents, doll in hand flopping in the wind. But Albany, New York doll maker, Wanda Brunson makes dolls that are not only admired by children but adults alike.


You’ll find the doll known as the state worker, made for a woman who worked for the state of New York, the glasses clad brother and sister dolls from Jamaica, and other dolls donning braids, dreadlocks or naturally curly and kinky hair.


 Her business is called “Love N Every Stitch’’ and she’s loved knitting since she was a little girl growing up in Newburgh, New York. “I was 7 or 8 when I started knitting, she said.” It was her aunt who taught her to knit but it would be years later, when she was pregnant, that she started knitting and crocheting in earnest.  She would visit a neighborhood store that sold yarn and it was there that knitters would show her the ropes. “ I would go there all the time and they would show me how to fix my pattern, she said.”


Soon life got in the way of knitting; marriage, children, work, so knitting took a back seat. “I couldn’t stick with it because I got married and responsibility took over and I moved from New York to California, she said.”   She would try to return to knitting but like a roller coaster, she would put it down and then pick it up. In 2012, she started up again making blankets.


A year later she went back to making dolls.  “I sold them at work, to co-workers, she said.”  She said it took over her and this time she wanted to make ethnic dolls. ‘’I wanted them to resemble African Americans, dolls with braids and dreads, she said.’’   She did so because she couldn’t find dolls with the complexion or features or hair resembling the culture that she grew up in. 


And, she ‘s found a market for them.  Like a baker puts his or her heart into their baked goods, she says she puts her whole heart into the dolls she makes.  She says people sense that and years later when she meets someone who’s purchased a doll they tell her they’re taking good care of it. “When I see people who bought them, I say, “how’s those dolls, I put a lot of love in those dolls, she laugh.”


To purchase a doll, you can email Brunson at wandabrunson6@gmail.com


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LEADERSHIP means being responsible and handling your finances.  By Angela Tatem

Zero-Based Budgeting


A zero-based budget is the blueprint for our lives each month. It is the master plan that helps us reach our major goals by first taking care of the smaller, everyday goals. It is where we decide how we are going to spend each penny of the income we bring in that month. It’s the no dollar left behind campaign for our personal finances. It is written out on a cloud-based spreadsheet that we both have access to all the time.


Read the 4 tips on how to create your zero-based budget:





Those Jimmy Choos, dining out and statement necklaces,hurting your bank statement! 

  1. Every penny needs to be categorized into a line item. There should be no money left-over. This is what makes it zero-based. Not that you have zero dollars in your checking account but you have spent every penny on the spreadsheet. No stragglers, every penny is accounted for.
  2. Start your budget line-item categories with what is most important. For some people, that will be their rent. It is best to list the must-haves first and go down the page with the less important and more flexible categories like “Mani/Pedi”, “Dunkin Donuts coffee”, “Dinner out with friends.” These three examples can be eliminated or modified without significant consequences to your financial goals, where a house payment will.
  3. Have accountability. If you are doing life with another person such as a spouse, or significant other, the budget should be completed by both of you together. It is a shared responsibility. If you are a single person, after your budget is complete, share it with a trusted money coach or accountability partner. This person isn't afraid to tell you “no.”
  4. Create a category for savings. As women-leaders we are givers. We give to others and sometimes it is at our own financial detriment. We need to save to protect our own well-being. The budget helps you become strategic and intentional about building your savings. It must be a part of your budget each month, and this category should be on top, not the bottom because savings is imperative.

Most women-leaders already plan and allocate their time each day to be most effective in their roles, whether it be a stay-at-home mom or a CEO. A lot of us have our year planned out because there is so much we want to accomplish and we understand the power of intentionality, goal-setting, and making strategic moves. With cash-flow planning, we transfer those same concepts to money. We prepare in advance how we will spend, give, invest, and save each dollar. It works for our time, and it works for our money. This doesn’t mean all our money problems will magically disappear. But how much smoother does our day flow when we have it planned out in advance and we took the time with a trusted mentor or partner to plan it? Our mentors do not have a perfect marriage, they have struggles just like every other relationship, but the difference is that investing in cash-flow planning provides a deeper level of commitment and transparency to their relationship when it comes to goal setting. Every goal and decision we make has a financial cost associated with it. Either the decision will involve you paying out money, or you saving money.   

As women-leaders we often go above and beyond to take care of the companies we work for. Nurture your own personal economy too. Our commitment to cash-flow planning is the foundation of having a wealth-centered financial game plan. There are many more topics that we teach (getting out of debt, saving, establishing a wealthy mindset, and investing) but the foundation is to establish strong budgeting skills. Knowing where all our money will be spent before the month starts brings a sense of relaxation to many women. We have much to concern ourselves about, so being on top of our personal finances, and having a written game plan for our money helps us be more effective with our other roles. It gives us one less thing to worry about. Cash-flow planning is transformative. It helps us clearly see what needs to be done to meet our money goals.  Money is interwoven into all aspects of our lives. If you have your money goals in order, it makes your life goals that much more attainable. 


Angela Tatem, MBA is a money coach at the Wealth Education Exchange, co-founded in 2015 with her husband Elroy Tatem, Ph.D. The Wealth Education Exchange seeks to empower the community through practical every day financial education. Their classes help people climb out of debt, budget like an expert, save money, invest for the future, and end the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck to build a stronger and more philanthropic community. Angela would love to connect with you.












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