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DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL PRODUCTIONS INC. was created to give women a voice and to tell their stories. Check out an excerpt from some of the films and videos and photo essays BELOW.

 Women in Democratic Republic of Congo Need Your Help  

Woman Living Her Best life following a life of Addiction



SHEspeaks2me debuts new movie 'CURVEE GIRLS'

Her 'weight' doesn't determine her worth!

BLACK LOVE, why can't black women find it, how do they  learn how to do it, and why doesn't the MEDIA get it!

Two single black women ask the question that single black women in cities across the country are asking among themselves. Where are the black men?  So decided to start a conversation.

How did you learn how to love?

Black relationships are out there-why doesn't the media get it?

" She's Bloc...King"    They are a minority within a minority WOMEN who stutter. This documentary shows you what it is like to live in their world.

Girls-A poetess speaks out about the world they live in.

poetess Danielle Colin



SHE's your VERY best friend, but that's "not' what you call her!!!!!!! 


There's a new form of bullying taking place and YOU could be one of the biggest offenders. It's called SLUT SHAMING and if you address your girlfriend with the B-WORD --then you could be a bully. Watch almost any 'reality show' and you can't get through ten minutes of it without someone calling a woman a bitch or whore or worse. Dont' think so- watch any of the "The Real Housewives of any of location, or 'Love and Hip Hop, or spend a short amount of time on Facebook and the slut shaming of women is everywhere but it's not the men with the potty mouths-it's the women. How can women ask men to respect them when they don't  R-E-S-P-E-C-T themselves.  Come on ladies we can do better. Stop the slut shaming.  

This new video looks at a new type of bullying directed at women. The sad thing is that YOU might be one of the biggest offenders. Take a listen.

Touch a Woman, Touch A Rock!

This is a preview of my documentary "Touch a woman...Touch a rock "on the treatment of women in Congo. They are raped and enslaved by soldiers by the thousands. 50 women in a hospital in Congo sent me letters about what happened to them. Listen and then write the U.S. Secretary of State to put the pressure on to stop the war.  You can also read more about the hospital that is giving the women hope. Just click on the link below.

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