20-18 Women Turning The Corner: FEARLESS WOMEN' SUMMIT 144 State Street, Downtown Albany Registration & Breakfast  8am  Ends 4pm

SELLOUT CROWD attends the 20-17 Women Turning the Corner: Leadership Summit

When women are educated, financially literate, inspired, and supported they change a home, a community, and the world. 



Our first 'Women Turning the Corner"  Leadership Summit

took place in 2017. However, the idea was forming in my mind for a dozen years.  Over the years, in city after city, I'd witnessed this great divide between women who had power and those who did not.  While race was the biggest divider, money and education followed.


I promised myself that I would change that. Giving women opportunities was the answer and the way to do that was not for them to ask others to crack the door a little so they could get a peep inside. The answer was for those on the outside to open the door for themselves by creating their own opportunities. So, I envisioned a leadership summit, with workshops on issues like money. How do you start a budget, get out of debt, correctly use credit cards and learn to save? We also urged the women to write their own books, and market their ideas. We also held panel discussions to put the problems women faced out there and get up close with them.  We also had food, make-up tips and we gave away lots of prizes. We surrounded the attendees with women who looked like them who were already in the marketplace. I wanted women to be able to ask questions, become inspired and then begin to start charting their own course.  2017 was a sell out-100 women attended.


When women are educated, financially literate, inspired and supported they chancea home, a community and the world.


Elaine Houston



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